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Dr. David S. Weiss


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Dr. David S. Weiss

Bestselling author and internationally acclaimed keynote speaker.

David has written five best-selling business books on innovation, leadership and employee development. During the past 25 years he has delivered over 200 keynote presentations,written over 40 journal articles, and he was interviewed numerous times on TV and radio.

His keynotes are based upon his vast experiences and his insights in his books. His latest book, Innovative Intelligence: The Art and Practice of Leading Sustainable Innovation in your Organization has been a best-seller in Canada since it was released in March 2011 and it will soon be available in Mandarin. David’s presentations on Innovative Intelligence, Leading Innovation, and Building Resiliency apply stories and ideas from this book to engage, develop, and inspire leaders, team and employees to be more innovative in ways that deliver business value.

His two books on leadership, The Leadership Gap and its sequel, Leadership Solutions, were best-sellers in Canada, and The Leadership Gap is now available in Korean.David’s keynotes on Becoming Holistic Leaders, Change-Ability, and Driving Employee Engagement leverage ideas from these books and bring them to life with inspirational stories, insights, and practical techniques.

David speaks from plenty of “hands-on” experience through his extensive international consulting experience with clients in healthcare, finance, technology, and the public sector. He applied the innovation and leadership principles he teaches when he was a partner in a major consulting firm that specialized in leadership and human resources consulting, and subsequently he was the Chief Innovation Officer in a multi-national human capital firm.

David combines his hands-on experience with his depth of insight from his academic affiliations and research. He has five executive development positions with major academic institutions. He is an “Affiliate Professor” of the Rotman School Of Management, a “Senior Research Fellow” of Queen’s University, and a guest faculty member for the Schulich School of Business and the University College of Cayman Islands.

David holds the prestigious Distinguished Lecturer certificate from the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario. He also is the recipient of the “HR Leadership Award” by the Asia-Pacific HR Congress, the “HR Distinction Award” by the Israel HR Association, the first lifetime “Fellow” of the Canadian Society of Training and Development, and the fourth lifetime “Fellow” Canadian HR Professional (FCHRP). He also is a member of the Advisory Board of the Canadian Society for Learning and Development and an Institute Certified Director (ICD.D) with the Institute of Corporate Directors. He also is a “Lifetime Member” of the “Global Directory of Who’s Who” and a “VIP Lifetime Member” of the “Presidential Who’s Who.”

  1. Innovative Intelligence: How to Close the Innovation Gap
  2. Leading Innovation
  3. Building Resiliency
  4. Becoming Holistic Leaders
  5. Change-Ability
  6. Driving Employee Engagement
…for leaders who want to cultivate a winning culture of innovation or organizations who want to re-invent themselves to scale the next height.
Arkadi Kuhlmann, President & CEO, ING DIRECT USA

…an ideal blend of insights and practical tools. Marianne Hasold-Schilter, Scotiabank …combines a clarity of thinking with the ability to be executed, resulting in value delivered each and every time

Paul Lucas, President & CEO, GlaxoSmithKline Inc

…a powerful source of insights on the leadership imperative in a fast forward world

Prem Benimadhu, Former Vice President, Organizational Performance, The Conference Board of Canada

… practical and disciplined approach to ‘asking the right questions,’ finding innovative answers, and helping groups build structures for sustainable innovation is nothing short of brilliant.

Paul Alofs, President & CEO of The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

Innovative Intelligence: How to Close the Innovation Gap by Dr. David Weiss A decade’s worth of executive surveys on innovation highlight a significant gap between what leaders say they want and what their organizations delivers.

Over 80% of leaders surveyed believe innovation is important for their future success, but less than 30% are satisfied with their current level of innovation. So why, despite all the talking, have the leaders not given innovation the attention it requires? The short answer is that they have not had sustainable solutions—practical and reliable programs that deliver long-term, predictable results. Instead, they have had an endless array of partial answers.

They are left with an alarming innovation gap.

Innovative Intelligence answers the question:How can you close the innovation gap so that innovation happens systematically and sustainably?

This highly entertaining, insightful, and inspiring keynote is based on Dr. David Weiss’ new co-authored book:
Innovative Intelligence: The Art and Practice of Leading Sustainable Innovation in Your Organization (Wiley, 2011).

This keynote answers the following questions:

  1. What is the innovation gap?
  2. What are the key success factors to close the innovation gap?
  3. What can be done to make innovation happen systematically and sustainably?
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