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Warren Evans


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Warren Evans

Future Trends, Management Stretegist

Warren Evans looks at where the world is going!

A powerful blend of “facts, hope, and fun”, this presentation combines statistics with common sense and irreverent humor to make sense of the myriad trends we see swirling around us.

Looking at the interplay between economics, corporate restructuring, demographics, globalization, technology, and psychographics it provides insights into social trends and the future of work.

Warren is the only speaker one American CEO’s Conference has ever invited back . . . 5 times . . . and they’ve already booked him again for their national events 2001 and 2002.

Comments from Audience
“[We’ve] ‘seen and heard it all before’ . . . one of the toughest audiences in the world to impress.
You impressed . . . humour and genuinely new information . . . one of the highest rated
we’ve ever had . . . a high-impact session.”

President, Meeting Professionals International, Cdn. Council

“great presentation . . .delivered useful tools to help us succeed . . . your Yabut Monsters were a big hit, and I’m sure we’ll be able to get great mileage out of them . . .refreshing to see a consultant who really knows what they’re talking about [and can] package useable solutions in an entertaining way. Thanks for making a valuable contribution to our organization”
CEO, Northwest Human Services

“Your concepts, suggestions, and presentations were great . . . lots of good ideas
for our managers to take action to improve Customer Satisfaction!”

Vice President, Xerox

What Warren Evans Talks About:

  • Future Trends & Service Excellence
  • Future Trends: The Next Five Years – What’s It All About?
  • Service Excellence: Everybody’s Business
  • Leadership: Making Values Come Alive
  • Hunting “YABUTS” – Innovation Strategies for Service Excellence
  • Recruiting Strategies Turned Upsidedown
  • “Snafuitis”
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