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Victoria Labalme


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Victoria Labalme

Performing Artist and Humorous Speaker on Communication

Looking for something different? International Performing Artist and
Communications Catalyst Victoria Labalme brings 20 years of professional theater,
comedy and film experience to the platform and becomes a remarkable alternative to the typical keynote speaker.

Her unique specialty – applying the performing arts to the communications and relationship building industry – brings together cutting-edge content with comedic performing talent to offer your audience entertainment, laughter and a thoroughly transformative learning experience.

Her show biz credits include: HBO’s Sex and The City, Caroline’s comedy club on Broadway, 27 television commercials including a Super Bowl spot, advanced training with legendary mime Marcel Marceau, major news shows, and documentary films with Academy Award winners.

You can bet that clients such as Starbucks, IBM, McDonald’s, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Verizon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, American Heart Association and New York Life Insurance do not assemble their people at major company events just to be entertained. In each case they saw a unique opportunity to make a dramatic improvement to the productivity, profitability and performance of their people.

What Victoria Labalme Talks About:

Crazy Busy Nuts: Getting Off the Conveyor Belt of Life

A Broadway-level customized performance to inspire & entertain your audience. Ideal for opening your event.

Do you ever wake up stressed just thinking about your day? Does the week feel like a non-stop conveyor belt of commitments and to do lists?

In this comedic, high-energy, entertaining performance, Victoria takes the challenging issues in your organization and transforms people’s mindset by delivering practical tools for managing the chaos, giving them the inspiration to change.

Packed with customized humor and cutting edge commentary, this keynote provides your teams with the specific skills needed to move beyond the crazy busy mindset, reconnect with their Through Line, catapult communications,and lead more productive, meaningful work and personal lives.

Themes and Outcomes:

    • Dramatically Improved Communication Skills

Practical Tools For Managing the Chaos

  • The Inspiration to Change
  • Life Balance & Wellness
  • Reduced Stress


The Prism Effect & The Art of Business: Engage Your Brilliance
In this engaging, inspiring and transformative keynote, Victoria delivers a full spectrum of stage & screen secrets to catapult your team’s communication and relationship building skills into an entirely new realm.

Based on her groundbreaking theory and system called The Prism Effect, this performance provides your audience with specific tools to look at their business anew and capitalize on opportunities, listen deeply and communicate with impact, and tap into their own unique talents to brand with their passion — dramatically improving performance and profitability .

The result: the transformation of everyday business interactions into an art, ultimately positioning your organization and its people in a class of their own.

Themes and Outcomes:

  • Employee Engagement & Revitalization
  • Dramatically Improved Communication & Consulting Skills
  • Dramatically Improved Listening Skills
  • Dramatically Improved Presentation Skills
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Inspiration

Breakout Sessions: Workshop Experiences

Victorias breakouts are high impact, humor filled experiences that will dramatically improve the outcome of your team’s communications…and energy. Designed for application in a variety of business settings, these events consistently receive the highest marks on evaluation forms from participants and attendees.

Each module brings extraordinary, positive improvement to internal communications, to external communications and to personal life as well.

All events are fully customized to meet your goals, vision and projected outcomes.

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