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Mike Mandel


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Mike Mandel

Expert in the Art of Communication

Dr. Mike Mandel is uniquely qualified in the art and science of influential communication. An enlivening and provocative entertainer and keynote speaker, he is known for being simultaneously fascinating and hilarious. He is an expert in the art of communication, motivation, influence and creativity.

Mandel-s career covers many different fields: corporate speaker, entertainer, TV personality, psychotherapist, martial arts instructor, writer and trainer. His eclectic knowledge, diverse areas of expertise and creative inventiveness have earned Mandel 18 nominations and 6 awards for excellence in entertainment. Tours of Britain and Australia, and multiple media appearances, including the Globe and Mail, Vision, Discovery, Bravo! Arts and Minds, as well as numerous guest spots as a relationship expert on the CBC television show Steven and Chris, are a testament to his consistent popularity.

A qualified trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming, and the Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis Instructor for NLP Canada, he teaches salespeople, therapists and doctors. Widely regarded as one of the world-s premier hypnotists, he holds a doctorate in clinical hypnosis, and is certified in a number of highly effective psychotherapeutic disciplines.

Mandel-s energetic, innovative and entertaining corporate keynotes and presentations, equip audiences with powerful tools to communicate persuasively, increase intelligence and creativity, and reduce stress. His talent to inspire and motivate by providing solid, sharp, relevant insights for improving personal and business success, routinely earn him rave reviews for content and presentation style. His impressive and diverse client list includes London Life, Microsoft, Canadian Standards Association, Royal LePage, Saskatoon Teachers- Association, Canadian College of Health Service Executives, Cogeco, TD, Noble Trade, Department of Defence, I.A.P.A., Rogers Communications, Deloitte, City of Kawartha Lakes, Aecon Construction, Petro Canada, Kronos, Ontario Provincial Police and the University of Toronto.

What Mike Mandel Talks About:

Brain Software – Words that Change Minds
Everyone wants to interact with people who can think and communicate clearly, but much of the time, what we say seems to pass through a distortion field, causing unnecessary misunderstanding and frustration. Combining intellectual and entertaining content with fresh perspectives from linguistics, Ericksonian hypnosis, proxemics and neuroscience, Dr. Mike Mandel provides you with new skills that are easy to learn, and will help you communicate with clarity, recognize manipulation, reduce conflict, speak persuasively, and build relational bridges.

Participants typically feel an immediate stress reduction, and relate how surprisingly well the techniques work in real life situations. The ability to converse intelligently and influentially is still an essential life skill, regardless of what fans of Twitter would have you believe.

Overcoming Stress in a Hostile World
Weve all experienced the psychological and physiological tourniquet called stress which strangles performance and compromises our health. In this practical and informative keynote, Dr. Mike Mandel loosens the knots of stress with humour, and teaches you techniques drawn from his background as a hypnotherapist and martial arts instructor. Discover how reframing, submodality shifts, and breathing techniques, as well as incorporating nutritional and electromagnetic rebalancing, can restore the nervous system and reduce stress symptoms such as insomnia, high blood pressure and SMS (Stress Monkey Syndrome).

Chain Reaction Creativity
All aspects of life our work, our relationships, even our leisure time, can become a rotisserie of boredom without fresh and innovative thinking. Imagine being able to break out of the same old patterns, generating new thoughts and concepts to create a great life. With the proper training, everyone can ignite creativity to spread brushfires of ideas, each one building upon the other to solve problems and bring about solutions.

Creative people are interesting and compelling because their minds are always under construction. Dr. Mike Mandel has spent more than 30 years exploring all aspects of creativity, and has continuously redesigned his own life. He is an award winning comedic entertainer, wine judge, martial arts instructor, writer, graphoanalyst, professional speaker, hypnosis trainer, and the creator of one of the biggest internet hoaxes in history. Inspire yourself with new found creative power, and break free from the cow-heads of the common herd.

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