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Michael Ballard


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Michael Ballard

Resiliency Expert

Michael Ballard specializes in coaching and developing Resiliency in individuals, teams, organizations and communities. His insightful and dynamic Renewal work at the Centre revolve around five themes: self-leadership, passion and purpose, relationship building, self-management skills and emotional awareness and development. Each theme has distinctive skill sets and strategies—tools that facilitate people to develop their own skills for success.

Michael has learned and believes that each of us has a far greater capacity to grow and change than we realize. What most of us need to gain are the tools to develop the skills required to finish the job, maintain and flourish in our lives and keep our sense of humour in the process. When Michael applied these skills in his career he moved up through five positions in the first seven years, despite several major issues with his health.

Through the skill sets the Centre and Michael teaches, many individuals and groups have learned to work more effectively. Groups Michael and The Centre have worked with include: Bell Canada, IBM, Dalhousie Medical Faculty, The Canadian Professional Sales Association, Goodyear, The Society of Management Accountants, Manulife Financial, The Government of Manitoba, and The Food Institute of Canada.

Michael is known as a SME (subject matter expert) on the subject of Resiliency. He works coast to coast to coast in North America. His message will inform you, uplift you, inspire you and leave you with a new and more effective understanding of what it takes to develop more Resiliency.

Some reasons to hire Michael are to help people:

1) accept responsibility faster.
2) develop productive relationships faster.
3) increase productivity under tight time lines.
4) decrease their absentee rate.
5) gain insight and skills on how to better manage their emotions.
6) learn to more effectively rebound from difficult situations.
7) effectively deal with difficult people.
8) gain inner calm for the outer storm.
9) increase motivation.

Resiliency for Life


Resiliency for Life (RFL) specializes in building resilience. We deepen the ability of people and groups to bounce back and overcome obstacles despite what might be going on in their life. Resilience is no longer something we can just hope for. We all need it to ensure we have maximized our ability to deal with life’s uncertainties. RFL is dedicated to enhancing resiliency and accelerating its use within individuals and organizations. Our process and programs help people more effectively deal with overwhelming situations such serious life upsets, job loss, or a catastrophic incident in the workplace or community. Ballard and his team have helped many individuals and organizations through these experiences. RFL delivers actionable and measurable solutions. They reflect the depth of Michael’s experience, his measurable approach and his courageous point of view. Michael’s solutions are founded on the principle that lack of resiliency directly impacts success, individually, organizationally and at the community level. Our purpose is to deepen resiliency, help people out-think and out-perform their old ways, or get back up to speed after a large upset.


Resiliency for Life’s programs are known for being insightful, courageous and provocative. More important, RFL is recognized for our proven ability to deliver practical solutions that safely accelerate stability and growth; recovery and productivity. We show clients exactly what needs to be done, how to do it and provide programs to get you underway. Our process is very simple:

• Do an assessment of current programming.

• Implement a process that builds awareness.

• Launch programming that builds resiliency.

• Follow up content through various media to assist continue to support and build resiliency.


At Resiliency for Life, we provide programs that are unique in the market place. RFL practitioners have an average of more than 18 years experience in human performance. These seasoned veterans have worked with powerhouse groups including Bell, The Government of Singapore, Nortel, Procter & Gamble, Manitoba Health, and IBM. We deliver tangible solutions to our clients.


RFL has delivered solutions to more than 200 groups and organizations across North America.


Michael Ballard founded RFL in 1988 after a protracted challenge with his health. Despite these challenges, Michael continued working in a highly competitive field and was promoted several times during this time. During his challenges he built a solid foundation of skills, recruited elite, trusted practitioners, research experts and seasoned strategists to assist him. Then taking what he learned, in 1988 Michael founded RFL. Since then RFL has delivered outstanding results for clients by rigorously applying scientific, measurable human performance principles. RFL helps clients define and achieve goals by applying our distinctive, fact-based approach to create successful advancement through our unique programs.


Unique Experience and Depth. Our team has trusted practitioners, accomplished researchers, strategists, consultants and technologists. A Rigorous Approach. Our innovative techniques yield unique strategies, compelling programs and practical solutions to move people forward based on proven methodologies. Evolutionary Ideas for Successful Solutions. Our point of view is proactive. We advocate that morale makes or breaks an individual, a school, a family or an organization, to gain additional skills to achieve higher levels of resiliency. And there is never a finish line.

Services Include:


RFL has the ability to assess your current programs using our resiliency assessments. They can be customized to reflect any of your special needs. Over 125,000 people have taken one of our three age and language appropriate profiles.


RFL knows that living or working in constant and relentless pressure can wear even the best and brightest down, burn us out, or hurt us physically and mentally. However, once we understand what resiliency is and learn how to use it, it can help us to alter our path during large personal upsets or times of adversity, and help us rebuild and assist us with our performance in all areas of our life.

We assist people understand and gain skills that are positive experiences; building relationships, growing opportunities, and developing personal qualities that all people need to stay resilient. We can all impact our own lives and those around us. It all starts with raising awareness, developing our mindfulness, and then helping ourselves through measuring, exploring and developing our resiliency skills. That we can make a major impact in our own lives and of those around us is one that builds as we grow our resiliency. When we pinpoint our strengths and assets, understand our challenges, when we know what areas of our lives require added attention, it helps us chart new strategies for enriching our personal health and performance.


At RFL, we develop products that are unique in the market place. We pride ourselves on our easy to understand programs for three age groups: Children, Youth and Adults. Our latest program is to help children and families gain key skills to more effectively cope with stress and anxiety. Through our audio and web based learning system they gain skills to assist calm themselves and develop their personal and family resiliency.


Resiliency For Life’s consultation is known for being insightful, and provocative. Key issues we help people and groups deal with include:

• Develop the ability to asses our resiliency assets.

• Gain buy in from people to build their resiliency assets.

• Build morale through deepening resiliency skills.

• Fortify and deepen stress hardiness skills.

• Grow and expand our personal resiliency skills.

• Build morale through resiliency.

• Fortify and deepen stress hardiness.

• Learning to learn from both success and failure.

• Establish realistic goals and expectations.

• Assist groups and organizations implement a process that helps people build resiliency.


It’s not enough to have a world class program if no one knows about it or how to use it. We have expertise to ensure you have a successful launch and follow through due to our unique social marketing process.

What Michael Ballard Talks About:

  • Self-Leadership
  • Self-Management
  • Emotional Development Skills
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