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Dr. Elaine S. Dembe


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Dr. Elaine S. Dembe

Longevity, stress management and motivation expert

Dr. Elaine S. Dembe is one of Canada’s outstanding authorities on longevity, stress management and motivation. A celebrated chiropractor, writer, sought-after public speaker and media personality, she has helped such diverse people as movie stars, politicians and professional athletes work out their ‘kinks’ and feel better-both physically and mentally-with her motivational and wellness presentations.

Dr. Dembe was born in Hamilton, Ontario and attended McMaster University. She graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1978. She specializes in the care and prevention of back and neck problems, sports injuries and stress-related complaints.

During the past 23 years in private practice, Dr. Dembe has become well-known as a lecturer, public speaker, writer, TV personality, poet and songwriter.

She was the host of The Health Show on CFRB radio, and was the series-regular-broadcaster for CTV’s Canadian Living Show. In addition, she has appeared on CTV’s Dini Petty Show and Eye On Toronto; CBC’s News Hour, Morningside and Health Show; City TV’s Breakfast Television; NBC’s You Bet Your Life with Bill Cosby; Global’s News; and TV Ontario’s Fitness after Forty series on ‘Back Care’. As a professional speaker represented by many nationwide speaker’s bureaus, she has brought her special healing philosophy to a wide range of receptive audiences including corporations, associations and service clubs. Further, she has been the keynote speaker for many conferences. Her high-energy performances are laced with humour and audience participation, and are loaded with achievable, goal-oriented ideas that regularly bring standing ovations. Because of her irrepressible personality, she has been called a ‘cheerleader for life’.

Dr. Dembe is the only chiropractor to be on call at the Chief Protocol Office of the Government of Ontario for visiting Royalty and Dignitaries. She was the 1995 national spokesperson for the United Way, (voluntary), and is on the Health Advisory Board of the Metro Toronto YMCA. Her name appears in Who’s Who of Canadian Women.

Many of the Toronto Blue Jays relied on her Chiropractic care during the 1985-1986 and 1986-1987 seasons. Dr. Dembe has also treated numerous other celebrities including Mel Gibson, Kris Kristopherson, Lindsay Wagner, Melinda Dillon, Mathew Modine, Phil Collins, Paula Abdul, Bryan Adams, Kenny G, Eartha Kitt and Celine Dion.

Dr. Dembe has run seventeen marathons and ranked 11th in Canada for her 1982 Marathon performance, 26.2 miles in two hours and fifty-three minutes. In 1988 she was a recipient of an International Award for Amateur Sports.

Dr. Dembe’s best-seller, Passionate Longevity – the 10 Secrets to Growing Younger, published by Macmillan Canada, is now in its sixth printing. Her second book, Use The Good Dishes, Finding Joy in Everyday Life, which was launched in July 2000, is now in its third printing.


  • Author of the National best-seller Passionate Longevity – the 10 Secrets to Growing Younger
  • Only chiropractor to be on call at the Chief Protocol Office of the Government of Ontario for visiting Royalty and Dignitaries
  • Listed in “Who’s Who of Canadian Women”
  • On the Health Advisory Board of the Metro Toronto YMCA


“An inspiration for all who wish to lead a full life – physically, psychologically and spiritually.”
- Lloyd Robertson, Chief Anchor and Senior News Editor, CTV

“I have heard nothing but positive comments with regard to your presentation. I knew the minute
I first saw your session that you were exactly what we were looking for at our conference.
You are truly an inspiration to all.”
- Versa-Care Limited

What Dr. Elaine S. Dembe Talks About:

  • Passionate Longevity – the 10 Secrets to Growing Younger
  • Use the Good Dishes: Finding Joy in Everyday Life
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