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David Posen


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David Posen

Stress Mastery

There are talkers and there are listeners. David Posen is both: an interesting talker and a keenly interested listener. As a speaker, David has enthralled and compelled corporate and professional audiences across North America.

David’s ability to listen to his patients, audiences, colleagues, friends and even himself has resulted in three best selling books, Always Change a Losing Game, Staying Afloat When the Water Gets Rough, and The Little Book of Stress Relief.

David worked on a research project in San Francisco before graduating from the University of Toronto Medical School in 1967. He then interned in Edmonton, Alberta and practiced in the Canadian Arctic and Jerusalem before settling in Oakville, Ontario in 1971.

More than a decade into a highly successful family practice, David changed his game plan in the mid ’80s to focus on stress management and lifestyle counseling. Along the way, his buoyant approach to life’s challenges has helped countless people stay afloat!

What David Posen Talks About:

Manage Your Energy – Manage Your Stress

Bank accounts work on a simple premise: you have to put money in before you can take money out. Our bodies function the same way. We need to generate and store energy before we can use it. Our bodies are beautifully designed to summon quick energy in stressful situations, but we need rest and recovery time between episodes of stress to restore our energy for the next time it’s needed. This interesting and entertaining presentation looks at ways to reduce stress and generate energy at the same time.

Dealing With Pressure At Work and In Life

As life speeds up, most people point to external pressures as the reason why they feel overloaded. However, we also put pressure on ourselves. This presentation looks at how we create this pressure and how we can reduce it.

Managing Stress in a Stressful Environment

Today’s workplace has become very dynamic and demanding. In many jobs relentless deadlines, fast-pace and high workloads are the norm. There are ways of managing stress even in these difficult environments. This presentation explores some helpful solutions.

The Lifestyle Balancing Act

With all the demands made on us by work, family and friends, work life balance can seem like a utopian dream. But strategies do exist for improving the ways we live. This presentation explores issues of balancing time, balancing energy and balancing your mindset and self-concept.

The Beliefs That Run Our Lives

Why do we overload our schedules? Why do we check e-mail every hour? Why do we feel guilty when we do or don’t do certain things? The answer lies in a fascinating aspect of how we function: the belief systems we have about the world, other people and ourselves. We have thousands of beliefs, most of which we’re not even aware of. As such, they’re very powerful. They guide and inform our reactions, decisions and behavior. With numerous examples and humorous anecdotes, this presentation explores what beliefs are, how they run our lives and what we can do about them.

Investing in Your Health and Yourself

A lot of people invest incredible amounts of time, energy and money to make their businesses or careers a success. They also take great pains to invest money to secure their future. This presentation looks at other forms of investment (in health and well being) which will probably have an even greater impact on the quality of our lives.

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