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Dr. Janet Lapp


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Dr. Janet Lapp

Award-winning speaker and author of Plant Your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air and Dancing with Tigers

Dr. Janet Lapp is the author of Plant Your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air and Dancing with Tigers, creator and host of the highly rated CBS-affiliate health series “Keep Well”, and is featured in documentaries such as Coping with Stress in the Real World. Her fast-paced, high-content lectures are designed to help people overcome change resistance and make needed changes to thrive in the future.

Janet was a registered nurse and nurse manager before graduating magna cum laude in psychology and completing a Ph.D. with Honours from McGill University. Awarded a post-doctoral fellowship, she went on to a successful career as a clinician and university professor. Her research has appeared in scholarly journals and in magazines such as The New York Times Magazine, American Health, and Prevention.

Now an award-winning speaker, Dr. Lapp weaves into her programs the humour and richness of her experiences as a parent, musician, athlete and pilot, in a unique, down-to-earth and engaging style.

She is President and CEO of CLD International, a communications and leadership development firm, and the publisher of The Change Letter, a trend-tracking guide to common-sense change.

She is quickly emerging as one of North America’s most celebrated speakers…one whom Toastmasters International recognized as among the top three speakers worldwide…one whom Sharing Ideas magazine honoured as “Consummate Speaker of the Year”…one who prompted one corporate executive to comment, “Indeed, she is an artist.”

Dr. Janet Lapp and her energy-charged, exhilarating programs give useable ideas to put to work right away to help people adjust to change.

Says Janet…

“Change is not a force to be feared, but an opportunity to be seized” “Now is a time to move forward with boldness, and to face the opportunities and challenges of change with optimism and courage.”

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