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Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici


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Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici

A Modern Day Prince, but Forever

A Renaissance Man

Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici was born in Catanzaro, Italy in the region of Calabria on November 17, 1975. His father is Alessandro de’ Medici who is descended from the famous Florentine Family. His mother is Kristina Kuharska , a descendant of Polish princes, who gave him a catholic education and inspired the young Lorenzo to apply himself to charitable causes.

He graduated in Political Sciences at the University of Salerno and argued his Thesis on the History of the Church.

At a young age, Prince Lorenzo involved himself in humanitarian organizations in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Namibia where he saw much human suffering caused by diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and AIDS.

He funded the Polish Cemetery in Cassino, building its little Chapel. His family has also restored the Martirano Lombardo Church in Italy.  He is a Knight of the Martirano Order and General Prior of the St. Martin of Beatitudes Order.

Prince Lorenzo’s family, well-known for its philanthropy and efforts to help Polish Catholics, had the honor to welcome Pope John Paul II during his visit to Calabria.

Among its ancestors, the de’ Medici Family has three Popes: Leo X, Clemente II and Pius IV and two French queens: Mary and Catherine de’ Medici.

Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici has lived in many American and Russian cities where he opened his mind to an international vision of existence and a practical living sense and approach to relationships and culture.

His Maxim is: Let’s make the Nobility a useful service to the less fortunate.

Prince Lorenzo resides in both Rome and Los Angeles with his wife, Rosemary, and baby girl, Maddalena.


Trade business models for Italian Companies: tourism “European Beach Resort” (Italy).

European Sales Manager of DREAMHUMMER advanced technologies for the defense industry. (Washington – USA)

Business Intelligence Manager: opening new markets, Ferrari Shop, Ferrari (Maranello)

Marketing Manager of the Hotel Caposuvero Congress Center (Calabria).

“Tribeca Film Festival” cultural section’s marketing manager and sponsor (NY-USA).

Business Developer : “Ortas Group” big buildings and logistics (Istanbul – Turkey)

Luxury trademarks development: Massimo TRULLI (Rome).

“Labortas and Karcova” – Jewelry industry’s global sales Responsible . (Kiev – USA)

“Northern Arts Entertainment” for film distribution’s Responsible .(USA).

Promoter /Organizer of Art and Culture – Made in Italy international events.

Organization of “Italian week in Moscow” (Country Club Mohabina).

Italian fashion week in Kiev-Italian promotion.

Contact point for Hungarian and Province of Nograd (Hungary) Art and Culture’s development in Italy.

MIFF, Milan International Film Festival marketing planning and consulting.


MBA: in Fashion Design and Luxury Goods.

Master in Finance, specifically applied to the “made in Italy”. Alma Graduate School, Bologna.

Master in Company’s International Business Communication and media Management applied to international marketing.(Trent University of Nottingham, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Communications Academy in Milan).

Political Sciences Degree, international applicability (Salerno University). Degree’s Thesis on the History of the Church and Monastic Orders. Thesis on Argentine politics and studies on Renaissance History.

Movie Directing Academic Diploma (Rome Academy free University).

Movie Performances Academic Diploma at New York Film Academy (USA).

Hospitality Management Course (how to manage the attention to the customer) – MURREL (SOUTH AFRICA).

Voluntary and charitable activities in Zimbabwe with non-profit projects. (AFRICA)

Organization of campaigns to bring awareness of AIDS. (Amfar) CANNES-CALABRIA

Funds collecting for “Cold Harbor Laboratory and DNA Stuff” (scientific research on epilepsy and cancer). (NY-USA)

Knight of Catholic Order of Martirano (Calabria).

Gran Prior of St. Martin of Mount of the Beatitudes Order. (Rome)



As an international keynote speaker, Prince Lorenzo engages audiences on a variety of Speaking Topics:



1.         The Italian Renaissance:  Then and Now

From Lorenzo the Magnificent to today’s movers and shakers, Prince Lorenzo colors history with tales from his family and the impact his ancestors have all had on our lives today. From patrons of the arts to popes, the influence of the de’ Medicis may be found everywhere.  The de’ Medici Dynasty, which created the Italian Renaissance, symbolizes unparalleled historical contributions to art, politics, banking, cuisine, medicine, accounting, philanthropy, commerce, geography, agriculture, religion, textiles, and fashion Even America itself would not exist as we know it without the de’ Medicis financing Queen Isabella’s investment in Columbus. The de’ Medicis revolutionized the banking business, inventing the first paper check. But it is in the world of art that their contributions to the world are most greatly known and felt. Patrons of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and countless other artists, the legacy of the de’ Medicis lives on.


2.         The Art of Living and Giving

Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici relates his experiences in giving back to the world and continuing the philanthropic legacy of his de’ Medici namesake. He discusses the art of giving, the myths and reality of royalty, and how a royal mindset can benefit everyone in their lives.


3.         Secrets and Romance of the de’ Medicis

Rare untold stories of the de’ Medici Dynasty. The Royal Women of the Renaissance and their influence on style, fashion, perfumes, cuisine, and their men. Sex and the Renaissance – Royal Blood behind closed doors.


 4.        A Culinary History – A Royal Recipe

Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici is a food expert.  From his upcoming royal cookbook, The Noble Art of Cooking, he shares secret recipes from the de’ Medici kitchen handed down from generation to generation.  How did the Queen of France, Catherine de’ Medici, influence French cuisine and use artichokes to get pregnant?  Where was ice cream invented, hot chocolate, pasta, tiramisu, and lasagna?  Did Leonardo da Vinci invent the microwave?  As a speech dessert, Prince Lorenzo will show his audience how to prepare and set a royal dinner.

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