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Mike Lipkin


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Mike Lipkin

President of Environics / Lipkin

Mike Lipkin is President of Environics / Lipkin, the motivation and sales empowerment practice of Environics Research Group. Mike has invested the last seven years exploring personal excellence. He has worked with thousands of people in fifteen countries.

Mike specializes in helping people leverage the Social Values to boost their personal productivity and build strong teams around themselves.

Over the past ten years, Mike has empowered over one million people internationally through his TV shows, seminars, books and Peak Performance Programs. Winners from all over the world turn to him for inspiration and skills to achieve their highest goals.

Mike Lipkin has worked with top companies like Deloitte & Touche, Royal Bank of Canada, Toyota, Coca Cola, Volkswagen, Oracle and Microsoft. He has authored numerous best selling books including Phila! (with Mokgadi Pela), Juiced! – How to Succeed through Spectacular Customer Service (with Arthur Gillis) Still Mind, Strong Heart (with Dr. Bernard Levinson) and You’re The Boss!! (with Eric Parker).

About Environics:

Environics is one of Canada’s largest and most sophisticated research houses with offices and affiliates in Canada, the United States and Europe. For three decades, Environics has been monitoring social change around the world.

Their principle tool is the 3SC Social Values Monitor. The 3SC Monitor analyses social trends using more than 200 questions to probe Social Values and beliefs. The resulting trends are placed on a sociocultural ‘map’ and their specific movements tracked against a wide variety of geographic, demographic and attitudinal benchmarks. The 3SC Monitor has measured trends in Canada since 1983 and in the United States since 1992.

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