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Michael Treacy


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Michael Treacy

Expert on corporate strategy and business process transformation

Michael Treacy is an internationally known expert on corporate strategy and business process transformation. Through his client work with Fortune 500 companies and research studies he conducts with the management consulting firm CSC Index Inc., he is pioneering a whole new approach to customer, industry and competitive analysis – and how companies should respond. The cornerstone of this new strategy (called “value leadership”) is the notion of unearthing “customer value.”

Treacy’s concept on value leadership appeared in the January/February 1993 Harvard Business Review article he co-authored with Fred Wiersema of CSC Index, “Customer Intimacy and Other Value Disciplines.” This new strategy of “value leadership” is presented in a recently published book, The Discipline of Market Leaders co-authored with Fred Wiersema.

He is a highly sought after speaker for senior executive audiences. He has been a keynote speaker for major industry conferences such as the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, and has presented at the Conference Board, the American Marketing Association and the National American Wholesale Grocers Association.

He was a professor of management science at the Sloan School of Management at MIT. He holds a Ph.D in management science from MIT.

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