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Linda Tarrant


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Linda Tarrant

Change Management Expert

Linda Tarrant grew up in Kentucky and has been on the move ever since, living and working across North America. For the past 25 years she has been delivering creative, thought-provoking, positive solutions to organizations in both the public and private sectors. She offers individuals, corporations and associations practical tools and techniques and brings a sense of humour and energy to every motivational keynote and content-filled workshop.

Linda Tarrant has a wealth of experience to assist individuals and organizations to thrive in an environment of uncertainty and change. She will deliver a captivating keynote for your event, facilitate corporate meeting or planning retreats or assist your organization in managing significant change.

Why Linda?

  • Turn organizational change into opportunity and give people the tools to “get on with it” and create an even more successful future
  • Challenge individuals and organizations to be courageous, authentic and to settle for nothing short of achieving their dreams and goals
  • Connect people throughout the organization – from senior leadership to front-line staff
  • Create magical, motivational events that translate into real change back at work

Comments from Audience

“You are one of the most insightful and motivational speakers we’ve ever had.”
- Claude Lamoureux, President & CEO
Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan Board

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