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Gordon Pitts


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Gordon Pitts

Author and business journalist

Gordon Pitts is an author and business journalist, with a specialization in issues of management, strategy, leadership, family business, entrepreneurship and the future of Canadian business and its competitiveness in a turbulent global economy.

He is the 2009 winner of Canada’s National Business Book Award for his fifth book, Stampede: The Rise of the West and Canada’s New Power Elite. Stampede, published by Key Porter, is the fifth book he has written on Canadian business, and followed his national best-seller, “The Codfathers, Lessons from the Atlantic Business Elite,” published in fall, 2005. He has also written, ‘Kings of Convergence: The Fight for Control of Canada’s Media’ (Doubleday, 2002), and ‘In the Blood: Battles to Succeed in Canada’s Family Businesses’, another national bestseller published by

Doubleday in 2000. His first book, ‘Storming the Fortress: How Canadian Companies Can Conquer Europe in 1992’ (HarperCollins), was published in 1990. All five books have been finalists for the National Business Book Award.

A veteran of 34 years as a business journalist, he is currently a senior writer on strategy, entrepreneurship and leadership in the Report on Business section of Canada’s major national newspaper, The Globe and Mail. He provides the At the Top interview feature in the Monday Report on Business and the Exit Interview in the monthly Report on Business Magazine. He is also a former editor and writer in the Report on Business’s feature pages that have focused on marketing, strategic management and the professions.

He has helped spearhead the Globe’s recent coverage of major economic issues, such as the threats to Canadian manufacturing, the debate over the hollowing-out of Canadian head offices through foreign takeovers, and the role of a rising China in the new global power structure..

In fall, 2006, he was invited to be a distinguished writer in residence at the University of Alberta Business School and the Alberta Business Family Institute. In June 2003, he delivered the opening keynote address at the Canadian television industry’s high-profile Banff conference. The speech was titled: ‘Convergence, Consolidation and Crisis’.

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