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David Hurst


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David Hurst

Speaker, consultant and writer on management

David Hurst is a speaker, consultant and writer on management. As a reflective business practitioner with a unique niche in the management field, he presents highly innovative ideas from his groundbreaking book, Crisis & Renewal: Meeting the Challenges of Organizational Change, published by the Harvard Business School Press. Using models and metaphors from anthropology, ecology and complexity theory, he discusses the nature of management and organizations, and builds a radically different view of how successful organizations evolve and change.

He has published articles in Harvard Business Review, Strategic Management Journal, Organization Dynamics, and Academy of Management Executive, among others. David spent more than 25 years as a senior operating manager in a number of diversified companies, including 10 years as executive vice president of the Federal Industries Metals Group, where he was part of a senior management team which saved the organization from bankruptcy.

Author of Crisis & Renewal: Meeting the Challenges of Organizational Change
Winner of the Deloitte & Touche Award for Best Article for “Crisis and Renewal: Ethical Anarchy in Mature Organizations”

What David Hurst Talks About:

  • Crisis & Renewal: Meeting the Challenge of Organizational Change
  • Strategy & Complexity: Getting Ideas into Action Courageous Leadership
  • Growth and Innovation Through the Life Cycle of Organizations
  • The Creative Organization
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